2014 Blog Goals Worksheet – Free Printable

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Download your free printable 2014 Blogging Goals Worksheet from soup2nuts

As 2013 winds down, you should start to think about where you want your blog to go in 2014. It is time to sit down and make goals for the coming year. It is so easy to just say you want something, but never do anything to get there. We have all been guilty of this in the past, but in order to grow your blog you need to be willing to dream AND take action!

This is your reminder:

Write down your goals and then list the small actions you can take that will lead you to these goals. Now comes the important part… take action! Just do one of the things you have listed and you are one step closer to your goal.

Here is a free printable to help you get started!

Download the free 2014 Blog Goals Worksheet.


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  1. Manya says

    I have done this mistake- not making realistic goals, expecting too much from it and then getting disappointed even when it was doing pretty good. So make sure what you are expecting from blog is feasible and practical.

    • Stacey Werner says

      Great advice, Manya! Realistic expectations are important. For example, making a goal to increase your newsletter subscribers by 10,000 in one year may not be realistic if you currently have 200 subscribers.

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